Arrange Marriage Problem Solution

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Arrange marriage are always related to their parent, society and their culture.The era of arrange Marriage is a symbol of our ancient culture.The importance of arranger marriage is also significant in the cycle of changing times.If you take the meaning of arrange Marriage in ordinary language, then it is only that marriage is done with the consent of our parents, society and religion..But the issue of arrange Marriage is challenging the level of education in today's changing times.Today is the time for education.Today's youngsters have the ability to solve even like  small matters on their own.

When his parents bring him a big issue like Arrange Marriage, they study it in depth.They think that they themselves are capable of taking decisions on big decisions like marriage, and thus a Marriage Life takes the mode of an  Marriage Problem.
In which neither they are able to be happy, nor their relationship {husband-wife} is known to last long.
They are also not able to solve problems in their life together.Arrange marriages are meant to mix people with two different views.But After some time passes, their relationship comes in duryo

The following are the reasons for problem in arrange Marriage.
1.Lack of confidence in husband and wife
2.Lack of mutual consent between husband and wife
3.Missing a life partner
4.Husband does not like some wife's habits.
5. 36 qualities of both 36 not found
6.wife does not like some husband habits

Due to these problems, problem arises in arrange Marriage.

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